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Improve Fire Fighter and Paramedic 911 Response Times!

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When you dial 911 in an emergency, you rightfully expect help – immediately.

Fast response times save lives. But responding quickly is a huge challenge for the state’s 144 fire districts, home to more than 1.5 million Arizonans. 

Located mostly in rural Arizona and along the major roadways connecting Phoenix, Tucson, Kingman, Flagstaff and Yuma, Arizona fire district response times can be as long as 30 minutes or more.

Slower 911 response times don’t happen because fire district firefighters and paramedics lack commitment to public safety. 

Arizona’s fire districts are struggling with a serious crisis – a shortage of manpower, equipment and resources we must solve to keep residents and visitors safe.

Fatal Traffic Incidents

Arizona Highway and Major Roadway Fatalities, 2016-2020.
(Source: NHTSA Statistics)

This crisis impacts every Arizonan and every Arizona visitor.

Over the last five years, nearly 2,000 travelers have been killed in vehicle crashes on Arizona’s rural roads. Another 30,000 have been injured.

Across the same period of time, fire districts have helped fight wildfires that have destroyed more than 2.2 million acres statewide.

Let’s solve this crisis.

Let’s vote yes on Proposition 310.

Put forward by Arizona’s firefighters, Prop 310 is a temporary tenth-of-a-penny increase in the state’s sales tax estimated to generate about $150 million annually for the state’s fire districts. These vital resources will take the pressure off our fire fighters and paramedics, and help ensure they have the equipment and training they need to provide fire, emergency and medical services to residents and travelers.

If you spend $10 on lunch, Prop 310 will cost you a penny.

If you spend $100 on dinner for four at a fancy restaurant, it will cost you a dime.

In return for your penny or dime, the next time you take a day trip from the Valley to Tucson or Flagstaff, or drive to spend a weekend in San Diego, Vegas or Rocky Point, the fire districts you pass through will be far better prepared should you and your loved ones need help.

Prop 310 will help save lives. Prop 310 will ensure our firefighters and paramedics are prepared for your emergency. Please join us in voting Yes on Prop 310.

Vote Yes on 310

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